Yoga, Pathway to a More Active Life!

Is Yoga a religion?
  No. Yoga is a system of exercises used to
restore harmony and balance to the mind and body.
 It originated in India.

How does it compare with other exercises?
  Most people regard yoga simply as exercise. However,
the ancient eastern disciplines like yoga, acupuncture,
tai chi, etc. are actually far more than exercise; they are
all extremely sophisticated energy management systems.

  Yoga has its roots in an ancient time in a world filled
with incredible suffering, filth, violence and disease.
There were no doctors, drug stores or hospitals as we
think of them in today’s world. However, certain mystics
did develop highly effective systems to stay healthy in
a very unhealthy environment. Yoga is one of those
systems and it works well to this day.

Exercise that works:
  Yoga is exercise that works. Whether you are a
teenager or 95 years old, yoga is an energy management
system which you can use to keep yourself healthy
and vigorous all of your life.

  Fad exercises and diets come and go but yoga has
endured for thousands of years. It is still here because it
produces practical results without killing yourself in the

Exercise that heals:
  Yoga can even heal many conditions which you have
been taught to believe are permanent. Infirmity is not
natural or inevitable. Even if you are quite old, there is far
greater power in your body than you suspect and a far
better and happier life than you have been taught to believe.

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