Updates On YogaBetsy Teacher Training Graduates

-One has gone to receive her Yogabetsy 500 hour teacher training certification, subs at the yoga studio and does stress management workwhops for local women's groups.

-One has also received her Yogabetsy 500 hour teacher training certification and has opened her own yoga studio and business in Fredonia, NY.

-One teaches several classes a week at a yoga studio near her home near Letchworth State Park.

-One has moved down south, walked into a fitness club simply to see what they had to offer, mentioned in passing that she had her 200-hour yoga teacher certification, and was offered a job ON THE SPOT.

-One has continued her own personal yoga practice and opened up her own holistic health business.

-One teaches yoga at a local university.

-One opened up her own yoga studio, which she ran for several years, very successfully before moving out of the area.

-One also received his 500 hour Yogabetsy certification and started the first ever men's yoga class in the area and also teaches yoga classes at the local YMCA.

-One immediately upon finished the course was offered yoga teaching positions at a local fitness center.

-One has established 5-6 area classes in different venues for several years with great success and enthusiastic attendance.

Yogabetsy teacher trainees come from all over western New York and Northwestern Pennsyvania and beyond, from all walks of life, and span ages from 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond, from all spiritual traditions, or even seeking a spiritual tradition that is just right for them. Training includes everything from postures to stress management, breathing, meditation, lifestyle choices, nutrition, running a yoga business, setting up and maintaining your own personal yoga practice, trips to spiritual places, and of course, the wonderful ongoing support of highly motivated and dedicated fellow yoga teachers. Graduates are warmly invited to return and attend workshops again at no cost. The workshops are self-contained, so if one is missed it can be made up next time it comes around in the following year.

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