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Yoga Center is not a gymnasium:

 The Yoga Center is not a gymnasium.  It is located in an old church and still retains much of that atmosphere.  There are no clanking weights, noisy locker rooms or any of the usual distractions which are found in that environment. 

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Try it out:

 Your first class is always free.  This gives you an opportunity to see if you really want to do this. You are not joining the priesthood.  It will cost you nothing to try it out. You should start with a Hatha Yoga class even if you are in good physical condition.

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Clothing and Supplies: What to Wear.

   Yoga classes are not fashion parades.  The other students will be far too busy doing their excercises to worry about what you are wearing or how you are doing.  We would suggest wearing loose comfortable clothing, preferably shorts or sweat suits.  There are changing rooms downstairs.

  The Yoga Center has yoga mats, pillows, blocks and such supplies as you will need to get started.  Most students elect to buy their own mats after a few lessons so they can practice at home but you will not need to bring special equipment to the classes.

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Choosing a class:

 You should take a Hatha Yoga class for your first class.  At that time you can speak with one of our instructors about what kind of a long term program would be suitable for you.
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What it's like:

 Yoga is an energy management system, it is not a religion.  The classes we teach at the Yoga Center are not intended as a substitute for your religion.  Our classes are relatively small, consisting of about 8 to 19 people at most times of the year.  On "Guilt Days" right after major holidays  classes will reach 25 people or so for a few days.

  Our classes are therefore, small, friendly and taught at multilevels of effort and skill.  Students are not asked or encouraged to do more than they should be doing.  Classes include instruction on how to breathe properly, how to do the postures correctly, meditation and relaxation.   The YogaCenter is a place where learning and improvement will occur.  Our students span all levels of skill and range in age from their teens well into their 80's.  As time goes on we expect the upper age limit to rise considerably.

 Special classes are offered for individuals by appointment only and classes are offered for children, ages 4 to 8, during the summer and school year.  Parents and other adults accompany the children and are encouraged to participate.

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