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Yoga Instruction and the Bottom Line

  The bottom line is that it is in the best interest of an employer and its insurance carriers to assure that their employees and subscribers have access to cost effective, practical methods of cultivating good health. This will insure that they are productive and live long enough to be covered by Medicare without incurring major medical expenses first.

  Your employees can take exercise classes of one kind or another at many area locations but the truth is that most of these classes are not particularly effective. This is because practically everything most people believe about exercise and diet is incorrect. The high impact cardio approach to fitness is not the most effective way to go about staying healthy.

  A properly designed Yoga program addresses these issues and many insurance companies already pay for it. There are also currently plans to have it included in Medicare. So, in addition to re-energizing their employees, companies starting a yoga program should be able to claim tax credits and cut a deal with their insurance carriers.

  There are 16 kinds of traditional yoga. All of them involve a great deal more than just limbering up and stretching. The yoga taught at the YogaBetsy Yoga Center is derived from an authentic tradition that is at least 5000 years old. There is a reason it has survived this long. Yoga is an energy management system which directly addresses the critical health and wellness issues which are generally ignored elsewhere. Recent studies have shown that over 80% of diseases have a stress trigger.

  Employees can take regular classes at the YogaBetsy Yoga Center. However, they are far more likely to attend classes done at your own facilities. It is also important to remember that a short class actually attended on a regular basis is far more benifical than a killer cardio class which is attended only sporadically.

  Arrangements can be made concerning the timing, length and spacing of these sessions. Yoga can accommodate all body types and levels of ability and most common types of injuries but not necessarily in the same class.

  Employers will probably be most interested in 30 minute sessions, though longer classes are available at the same cost. These should be taken by the employee at least twice a week. Our classes are taught by certified instructors having a minimum of 200 hours of training.

  When done regularily, these classes can literally transform the fabric of your body and being, unlocking potentials most people do not believe exist within themselves. Yoga teaches them how to process stress and access hidden reserves of energy, healing and creativity that will dramatically improve their lives in every aspect.

Setting Up Yoga Classes at your Workplace

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