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What it's about?
  The yoga taught in most places today is gym yoga.  It ignores breathing, meditation, and tries to turn it into a series of clever exercises, but real yoga is about a lot more than just stretching.  It is an energy management system used to balance body, mind and spirit.  It energizes your body and at some point it becomes important to learn how to channel that energy.

  Circle meditations address the mental aspects of yoga.  They include study, attunement, meditation and exercises in personal development.  These sessions are non-sectarian, non-political and focus on our bodies' energy systems in addition to aiding the student to achieve harmony within and without.  They will also focus on using yoga to improve the world we live in. 

  When people of like minds unite in study and purpose it creates an environment which not only facilitates their own study and development, but which helps the others who are there as well.  This is one of the reasons why students advance so much more rapidly in our classes than they do trying to do yoga at home by themselves. 

  Important as the physical part of yoga is, it is less important than the mental aspect. We address the mental aspect to some degree in our regular lessons but many of these ideas are more easily and more properly studied in a class and environment dedicated to that exclusive purpose.

Are These Sessions a Religion?
   Yoga is an art, a science, and a philosophy.  It is much more than exercise but that does not make it a religion.  It is an energy management system.

  There is also no dogma at the YogaBetsy Yoga Center.  You will never be asked to believe anything or to swear your allegiance to any personalities or creeds.

  There is no charge for these sessions.  They do not count as a class on your account.
Who may attend? 
  These meetings are not public unless otherwise indicated.  Circle meditations are intended for serious study.  They are not secret meetings but they are not meant for people unprepared for the studies, or individuals looking for free meals and passive entertainment.

  They may be attended by: 
1.  Anyone currently enrolled in classes at YogaBetsy. 
2.  Anyone who is or has ever been a member of one of the traditional initiatory  societies:  i.e.. Masons, Oddfellows, Eastern Star,  Knights of Columbus, Theosophy, Demolay, Templars, Rosicrucians, etc. 
3.  Anyone invited to attend by a currently enrolled student at YogaBetsy and also accompanied by that student. 
4.  Any of the members or attendees of organizations affiliated with the Olean Meditation Center.
5.  Anyone who petitions for admission and is accepted.  This will generally be limited to individuals interested in improving themselves and the world they live in. 

What Are Circle Meditations Like?
    Circle meditations vary in length but may be expected to last less than an hour.  The circle meditation begins with a brief allegorical candle lighting, emblematic of the coming of light.  This has the psychological effect of fixing our attention on where we are and what we are doing.  It takes about 1 minute. 

  The candle lighting is followed by the intonation of traditional vowel sounds.  These musical chants are employed to open the charkas and vitalize the energy channels. 

  The vowel sounds are followed by the first meditation.  This is a passive meditation; the meditation of the type generally done most places.

  The first meditation is followed by a short discourse (generally about 10  minutes in length).  These messages are non-sectarian, non-political and concern themselves with personal spiritual development and practical applications of yoga.  They may be written for the meeting by a member, or occasionally taken from a magazine.

  The discourse is followed by the second meditation, which is the true circle meditation.  The purpose of this meditation is to radiate love and healing energy into the world. This is the place where you cease to be a passive student and begin to use your knowledge and energy to assist in the broader purpose of improving the world you live in. 

  There are refreshments served afterwards. Attendees are asked to avoid politics, sectarian religious matters, running down or making derogatory comments about other organizations or religions and to refrain from asking for contributions to anything or using their membership for business purposes.

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