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YogaBetsys YogaBasics for Real People
Lesson 1 (Includes Assorted Postures)

YogaBetsys YogaBasics for Real People
Lesson 2 (Includes Standing Postures)

YogaBetsys YogaBasics for Real People
Lesson 3 (Includes Shoulder Routines)

YogaBetsys YogaBasics for Real People
Lesson 4 (Includes Hip Openers)

YogaBetsys YogaBasics for Real People
Lesson 5 (Includes Abdominal Routine)

YogaBetsys YogaBasics for Real People
Lesson 6 (Includes Standing Postures)

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YogaBetsy Workshops

YogaBetsy Feng Shui Workshop

YogaBetsy Ayurveda Workshop

YogaBetsy Ten Rungs of Yoga Workshop

YogaBetsy Two Hundred Percent Life Workshop

YogaBetsy Two Hundred PerCent Relationship

YogaBetsy The Law of Intention

YogaBetsy Best Life Workshop

YogaBetsy Monkey Mind Busters Workshop

YogaBetsy Experience Greater Spiritual Awareness

YogaBetsy Burnout Workshop

YogaBetsy Being A Mystic Seeker Workshop


Himalayan Institute:
Living Tantra Mini Lecture Videos

Lecture 1: Energy Currents and the Development of Chakras

Lecture 2: Nadis Influence on Brain, Nervous System, & Emotional Life

Lecture 3: Psychological Dimension of 3 Main Energy Currents

Lecture 4: The Tantric Method of Opening Sushumna, the Central Energy Current

Lecture 5: Tantric Method of Cleansing Energy Currents & Balancing Chakras

Lecture 6: The Spiritual Dimension of Energy Currents (Nadis) and Chakras

Lecture 7: Kundalini Awakening and the Vision of Tantric Deities


Yoga Betsy
YouTube Videos
Philosophy and Applications
Yoga: The Point of it.

Integrative Hatha Yoga

New Mind New Body New Life
Circle Meditations
Circle Meditation Discourses Full Texts
What is a Circle Meditation?
Selected Videos
Circle Meditation Texts:

March 20, 2016 discourse #24
New Mind New Body New Life
(Why your Brain Doesn't work.)
(Why Other People's Brains Aren't Working.)
(Alternate Paths to Health and Well Being)

Lecture References
Biology of Belief  Bruce Lipton PH.D.
Effortless Healing Dr Joseph Mercola
Instant Emotional Healing Peter Lambrou PH.D G. George Pratt PH.D
Change Your Brain Change Your Life Dr Daniel Amen (Brain Health)
Trust Us We're Experts..Sheldon Rampton, John Stauber
(How industry manipulates Science, Opinion) (video)
Bruce Lipton Epigenetics (7 min)
Bruce Lipton You Are What You Eat (6 min)
Wayne Dyer Bruce Lipton Pt 1 (7-1/2 Min) (you can heal yourself)
Wayne Dyer Bruce Lipton Pt 2 (8 Min) (you can heal yourself)
EFT Tapping Point Introduction 2011World Summit (4 min)
Bruce Lipton The Science and Theory Behind EFT Tapping (34 Min)
Ted Robinson How To Do EFT Shortcut Quickly (9 Min)
Dr Mercola Speaks About EFT (17 min)
Bruce Lipton Biology of Belief (1-1/2 Hours)
Bruce Lipton 7 Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind (1 Hr 10 Min)
Rob Williams Psychology of Change (1 Hr 13 Min)
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