Prince of Dragons

 Prince of Dragons is about love, light, life, and everything Churchianity and organized religion forgot about long, long ago.

 In truth, the paths of men and dragons do not cross very often but when they do, the results tend to become the stuff of legends and this was no exception. Dragons are elusive trans-dimensional creatures who come into this world from the dimension of dark matter and dark energy. They tend to live for many centuries, may be extremely intelligent and generally have no interest in the affairs of men, however they can be very dangerous if provoked.

 The legend begins in Hendaye France at the end of the 9th century where the Moors, Christians and Vikings had been locked in deadly combat for generations. It is about a very real dragon and Michael, the Boy Prince, who constantly snuck off into the woods or went fishing instead of going to confession or mass and showed very little interest in acting like a prince, let alone understanding the teachings of his church. It is the story of his mother, Catherine, who was at first the slave of the Moorish Prince Mohammed and later became the unwilling Viking Queen of Hendaye. It is the story of her illegitimate son Rupert who spent his childhood honing the skills required to avoid death at the hands of Vortigen, the king of Hendaye. It is the story of Margret, Catherine's daughter and the most intelligent of the Vikings, who never dreamed how much trouble her agile mind was going to get her into and it is the story of Sir William the knight responsible for much of it.

 Dragons still visit certain places on the earth to this very day so there was nothing unusual about a dragon coming to the megalithic site just north of Hendaye, France in the winter of the year 899 AD. Except that, he was not your garden variety dragon and this one had been assigned a monumental task.



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