Ancient Voyager Book 1: Trillion Dollar Mistake

  Four student filmmakers learn more about drugs, history and themselves than they bargained for. This is the story of four students whose education is interrupted by an education. This is a journey through time, space and mind and above all else a reality check.

  This is the book about the real war on drugs, the one which actually matters and the one you never hear about. Many things are involved in the drug problem and several other crushing burdens now devastating society, unfortunately, not one of them can be fixed until people begin to understand what they actually are. We've been trying to fix the wrong things for a long time.

  This book also gives a detailed explanation of why business in serving its own interest will not automatically serve the interest of everyone else, contrary to what Adam Smith suggested in 'The Wealth of Nations' and what is taught in colleges. It discusses the failure of the health system, why and how it is contributing to the drug problem, why it is failing and why cheaper, better, practical, remedies for everything are ignored and stymied at every turn.

  It also points out that there is scarcely a threat to health and well being you can name which is not a hell of a lot more serious threat to our society than street drugs. Approximately two and a half million people die in this country every year and they simply are not dying from what most people think they are.


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