Books: Yogic Science & QiGong
Yogic Science
Living With the Himalayan Masters
by Swami Rama
This is a very popular book, informative and fun to read.
It explains our tradition and gives insight into the lives
and accomplishments of is masters.

Meditation and Its Practice
by Swami Rama

The Path of Fire and Light Volume 1
by Swami Rama

Path of Fire and Light Volume 2
by Swami Rama

The Power of Mantra & The Mystery of Initiation
by Swami Rama

Tantra Unveiled
by Swami Rama

The Royal Path Practical Lessons in Yoga
by Swami Rama

Yoga Mastering the Basics
by Sandra Anderson & Rolf Sovik

From Death to Birth
by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait PH.D.
About Reincarnation and Karma

The Secret of the Yoga Sutra: Samadhi Pada
by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait PH.D.
One of the few good Translations and explanations of the Yoga Sutra.
This is a very important book. Be sure to read appendix C at the
end. It gives a simple English language explanation of the Yoga Sutra
and the point and purpose of Yoga. An extraordinary accomplishment!

Marma Points of Ayurveda
by Vasant Lad & Anisha Durve
Energy pathways for healing body, mind, consciousness
compares Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture with Ayurveda.

Ayurveda: The Science of Self Healing: A practical Guide
by Vasant Lad
An introduction to Ayurveda, sister science of yoga.
History and Philosopy, Basic Principles, Diagonostic
Techniques, Treatment, Diet, Medicinal Usage of Kitchen
Herbs and Spices, First Aid, Food Antidotes.
Entry point into a series of books.

The Root of Chinese Qigong
by DR.Jwing-Ming Yang
Secrets for health, longevity and enlightenment.
Traditional Chinese Medicine, shows energy channels,
acupuncture points. Entry point into a series of books.

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